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Why is my A/C Blowing Warm Air?
Your A/C System may be blowing air for many different reasons. First, your system might be low on refridgerant, which would cause the system not to provide the cooling that it once did. If the system is low on refridgerant, then it could actually be a symptom of a deeper problem. The refridgerant resides in a totally sealed system, so for it to go low, their may be a leak in the system. Southeast Auto Service will provide full vacuum and pressure tests on your system to try to catch the cause of the leak.

Can't you just pump in more refridgerant?
While some shops might consider this an adequate repair of an A/C system, Southeast Auto Service will not provide this disservice to our customers. Simply pumping in more refridgerant without finding the cause of the inital leak not only can be damaging to the environment (because your vehicle will be pumping harmful chemicals out into the air that we all breath), but it also can cause further damage to your AC System. When refridgerant leaks out of your vehicle's AC system, moisture also seeps into the system. The moisture can cause damage to the fittings, gaskets and moving parts in your AC System. The moisture mixes with the oil that is in the A/C System, and creates a caustic chemical that can eat through gasket materials and cause damage to the compressor. Just pumping in more refridgerant is not an adequate repair.


What can I do to prevent future damage to my A/C System?
This is an excellent question! Southeast Auto Service believes that preventative measures are worth their weight in gold, as they help you to enjoy your vehicle for a long time. The best way to keep your A/C System working properly is simply to use it. Not using your A/C System causes the oil in the system to settle and collect in one spot. When the system is not used for extended periods of time, this can cause seals in the system to become dry, and eventually begin to crack. When this happens, it can begin to let out refridgerant, and let moisture in causing damage to the components inside. So the best thing you can do, is to turn on your A/C system and let it run. Even during the winter, using your Defroster on the windshield will power on your A/C Compressor, to help remove moisture from the air that it is blowing on the use your defroster in the winter regularly, to help your A/C System last longer.

Southeast Auto Service only uses refrigerants approved by the EPA and recommended by manufacturers. We also follow all EPA procedures for recovery, recycling and recharging of refrigerants.

One of the most common causes of a car heater blowing cold air is from low coolant.  Coolant is what warms the heater core – if the coolant is low, there may not be enough heat transfer from the heater core to the air to heat the passenger compartment. Once the coolant is verified to be full, there could be a blockage in the heater core or there is air trapped in the heater core preventing proper flow. If the coolant is really brown and is really old, or if stop leak has been used at some time in the car’s service history, the heater core could be stopped up.

There could also be a malfunctioning heater control valve, if used on your model of vehicle.

The heater core could be leaking. The heater core is the part inside your car that the hot coolant runs through while air is blown through it. The air is heated by the hot heater core and that hot air is then ducted inside the car as heat. When a heater core leaks, the passenger side carpet will become soaked with coolant. This should not be confused with an AC (condensation) water leak. The fluid in the carpet will have a coolant smell.

Note: if this is your first winter with this car (and you’re unfamiliar with the car’s repair history), the previous owner could have by-passed the heater core due to a leak.