Fuel Injection Service

Saving money on gas, on an expensive engine repairs and getting your vehicle's power back to the optimal level- that what the rewards are for bringing your car to Southeast Auto Service for a fuel injection service.

EFI Cleaning Service Interval: Every 36,000 miles or as needed. We recommend at the same time as your Maintenance Tune-Up to increase fuel mileage and efficiency of your engine.

If your car does not have the power or fuel economy as before, a Fuel Injection Service may be needed. Frequently these symptoms are misidentified as signs that a regular tune up is needed.

After some period of time carbon deposits build up on engine valves, the accumulation of carbon can cause an extreme drop in performance and fuel economy.

Fuel additives are largely ineffective because they target only the fuel injectors and are not concentrated enough to clean away stubborn carbon build up. They do nothing to address the other areas that are arguably more important than the fuel injectors.

There is only one proven way to clean the fuel and intake systems, the combustion chambers, catalytic converter and engine valves is to perform an extensive Fuel Injection Service.

In the order this service to be effective it must be performed by highly qualified experienced technicians using the right equipment.

Fuel System Warning Signs :

  • Your vehicle accomplishing poor gas mileage
  • Your vehicle is operating with poor performance
  • Your vehicle experiencing trouble starting
  • Your vehicle is intermitting.

Southeast Auto Service specialist's recommends performing the fuel injection service and cleaning every 30,000 miles, but if you do a lot of "stop and go" driving think about having this auto service to be done every 15,000 miles.

After the fuel injection service is performed on your car we are sure you will delight the difference!