Leak Repairs

What does it mean when my vehicle is leaking oil?

An oil leak (drips of brownish or black fluid) in your normal parking spot, garage or driveway, means that one of your engines gaskets is leaking. Leaks can range from easily repaired drain-plug gaskets from a careless oil change, to more difficult leaks such as intake manifold or head gasket leaks. The important thing is, you need to get your oil leak repaired as quickly as possible...oil is the life-blood of your car or light truck's engine, if it is loosing engine oil, the engine can run hotter and the engine components will begin taking damage very quickly, leading to engine failure if any component is not getting oil. Even slow leaks can rapidly deteriorate, creating much larger leaks. Check your oil level before driving the vehicle in to Southeast Auto Service, to ensure that you are not running on empty and causing damage to your engine.

I see a Green Fluid under my car, what does it mean?

Engine Coolant is usually a green (sometimes orange) fluid that might be leaking from your vehicle. The Engine Coolant provides cooling for your engine, allowing your engine components to properly cool. If the coolant is leaking, then the system is no longer sealed and pressurized. When the system is not pressurized, the coolant looses its capabilities to absorb as much heat from the engine. When pressurized, the boiling point fo the coolant is increased, to allow it to absorb more heat from the engine. When there is a leak, this pressurization does not occur. If you see green or orange fluid leaks under your vehicle, it is a good Idea to bring your vehicle in to Southeast Auto Service as soon as possible, so that our ASE Certified technicians can help you get your vehicle cooling system working properly.

I see a Red Fluid Leak under my car, what can it be?

Red fluid leaks are generally transmission fluid leaks. Transmission fluid is used for transmitting the power from your engine to the driveshat, which in turn powers the wheels of your vehicle. Transmission fluid leaks can range from simple drain plug gasket failures, to much more difficult gasket or even torque convertor leaks. In any case, it is a good idea to have your vehicle looked at quickly, as transmission fluid is under extreme pressures, so the beginnings of a leak can turn into a severe leak very quickly. Our ASE Certified technicians are highly trained in determining the cause of your transmission fluid leak, and will be able to tell you the severity of the problem and the cost to repair. Bring your Vehicle to Southeast Auto Service for diagnostics today.

There is a clear fluid under my vehicle, what is it?

First of all....make sure it's not water from the drain on your Air Conditioning. If the fluid appears or feels thicker than water, it can be one of several different fluids, Power Steering Fluid or Brake Fluid. Power Steering Fluid is used by your power steering system, which makes it easier for you to steer your vehicle, especially during low-speed manuevers such as parking. Brake fluid is even more crucial, brake fluid is used in the braking system to apply hydraulic pressure to your brake pads. If Brake fluid is leaking, this is VERY SERIOUS and needs to be taken care of quickly. A leak in the brake system means that every time you depress your brake pedal, brake fluid will be pumped out instead of applying pressure to the brake pads. This means that your brake pedal may become spongy, and your vehicle will not stop as quickly. Brake fluid leaks should be considered VERY SERIOUS, and should be looked at immediately.