Give yourself and your
family the gift of safety.

Regular maintenance buys
you and your family peace
of mind.


Your car has a lot of responsibilities.  It takes you to work.  And the kids to school.  It can’t be late for soccer practice.  Or the doctor appointments.  Most importantly, it has to do all these things, and many more, while keeping you and your family safe.  At Southeast Auto Service, we're committed to maintaining the safety and reliability of your car.  In fact, our mechanics are trained to perform factory-recommended maintenance services for most vehicles.

Call us today to setup a free 44 point inspection of your vehicle so we can advise you on your regular maintenance needs.

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The Model T Ford was painted primarily in black. Henry Ford chose black because the paint dried fast allowing him to produce more cars. In 1916, 55% of all cars were Ford Model T's.