Electric Window Repair

The electric window, just like any other moving part, does break down overtime.

The symptoms of a failing electric window might be:

  • Slow upward/downward movement

  • Struggling halfway up

  • Not fully closing

  • Falling off the track

  • Not going up or down

The window regulator is the vehicle component that raises and lowers the window glass. A typical window regulator set up is composed of many components including a worm gear, several spur gears, linkages, a mechanical plate and a bar used to support the window glass. The window glass is raised or lowered using a small electric motor, which would then activate a worm gear/spur gears combination. The rotation of the various gears in turn activates the mechanical plate, thus raising or lowering the window glasses. The function of the window bar and the linkage arm is basically to support the window glass.